Businesses Step-Up to help SEW Masks

Salem Baptist Church has partnered with Corinthian Textiles, Dalton and Current Mattress, Dalton in their efforts for generating masks. Salem Baptist Church is currently heading up NeedAMask.Life and sought the two businesses for their contributions of fabric and die cut services.

Current Mattress is supplying the very important material, Polypropylene, for the mask assembly. This extra material gives masks an a boost of protection. Corinthian Textiles is taking the Polypropylene and fabric donated from the Dalton Community and die cutting the materials. This die cut process is saving seamstresses time and allowing them to focus on sewing rather than cutting – in turn providing more masks to the Dalton Community.

Both companies here in Dalton give generously of their resources to promote the mask ministry Need A Mask.

Salem Baptist Church is still seeking additional seamstresses and asking the Dalton community to continue to donate cotton material at 1448 Pleasant Grove Drive, Dalton, GA. Mask distribution to the community will be Fridays 10a-12p and Wednesdays 6p-8p. Salem is asking that masks be ordered on the website for a local count.

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