Salem Baptist Church Sewing Ministry Uses Extra Protective Polypropylene Shield for Masks

“Others” is the official motto of Salem Baptist Church, and the Sewing Ministry is ready to take that to the next level.

Salem Baptist Church, Dalton boasts a sewing team that has served the Dalton community for the last ten years. Specializing in Alzheimer’s blankets (fidget blankets), Adult bibs, Children’s bibs, and any other ministry need, they are now able to sew masks for the Dalton Community. In addition to simply sewing face masks, they are adding an extra protective layer called Polypropylene for heathcare workers. Sewing masks with this special insert of polypropylene shield fabric takes only a few minutes and could mean the difference between life and death for many.

Why do this?

  • The filtering materials of respirators and medical masks are typically nonwoven. These materials, initially using natural fibers, came into greater prominence with the introduction of synthetic thermoplastics, particularly polypropylene, about 40 years ago. (2020 National Academy of Sciences)
  • Polypropylene is spun into a woven fabric and is easily attainable in the US.

The website “Need A Mask” was created by one of the sewing members at Salem Baptist Church. By asking for the need and asking for donations they hope promote “others” by answering the needs of the Dalton community. As the disease is spreading faster each day it becomes more and more important to protect our families and workers as best we can.

  • We still need to go grocery shopping
  • We still need to go to the doctor
  • People are still being birthed and people are still dying normally
  • If you have to go out – would’t you want the most protection you can get.

Pastor Darey Kittle suggested that “we should just fill the need without donation.” This is a man fulfilling his church motto to the fullest.

Salem Baptist Church Website Link

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